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Welcome fren!
Take your time and take a look around the narrow streets and dark alleys of the busy commercial center of the Metaverse. Here you can find all kind of offers suited for all kind of tastes but mos importantly, you'll be making your deals in safe and private place.
The Bazaar started as personal project of three Metaverse frens who have been collecting, trading and playing with NFT's for a couple of years.
We started noticing that most of the community activity and gaming asset trades came from peer-to-peer interactions, usually on Discord servers. We entered in some of those ourselves and when the ecosystem started to grow guess what else popped up everywhere? SCAMMERS
That's when we decided to build a permission-less smart contract that would act as a non-custodial escrow that we could use and send to our counter-parties once we agreed upon a deal on Discord. We built it so that any ERC-20, ERC-1155 and ERC-721 asset could be fetched from a user wallet and swapped for any other asset from a counter-party wallet if both agree with the terms written in the contract.
We might have gotten a little carried away but we thought that this could be useful for more people than just ourselves so we turned it into an open source project, brought some help from extraordinary contributors and built our dApp and smart contracts.
We hope you find it as useful as we do for our day-to-day trades, so the Bazaar is now open to everyone wanting to contribute and improve it.
Enjoy the Metaverse safely and come back whenever you feel like it. The bazaar never sleeps.
The 3 Bazaar Founders,
S3mz, Dr.Brown and 0xVallados
Last modified 3mo ago