Implement Landing Page Redesign

Deadline: 09-30-2022
Reward: 400 $DAI

Reason for this Bounty

Our community has come up with a redesign of our Landing page that will take the Bazaar to next level of adoption. Now it's time for the Developer Squad to complete the job and implement and deploy the neat UI that our frens have created.

Bounty goals

  • Implement the new UI of our Landing page

Skill Requirements

Vue Javascript CSS

Bounty Challenges

  • Build the new Bazaar Landing Page, implementing the Design elements provided in the files below:
Challenge #id
Link to Figma file
General view
Desktop view
Mobile view

How to complete this bounty

  • Join our Discord and share your work or request feedback in the Developers' section
  • Feel free to Ping the Creator of this design - Orbytal#3919 - to request assistance or clear any questions
  • Check out the specs for the Desktop and Mobile version of the Landing Page in the files above
  • Access Bazaar's website repo in our Github
  • Fork the repo and copy the test branch to your local host
  • Make the necessary change in the file in the folder pages\index.vue
  • Crate a Pull request once you complete the work
  • Fill in this form so we can keep track of your reward.
  • You will be notified if request is approved and merged with the Master branch.

Approval requirements

  • Pull Request contains all specs contained in the Figma files
  • Pull request is made before 11.59PM (UTC) of deadline's day
  • Pull request is approved by core team and merged with the Master branch

Reward details

  • 1 pull request approved only
  • Reward sent on the last Friday of the month after the one your work is merged with the Master branch

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