Make a video tutorial using the Bazaar

Deadline: 09-09-2022
Reward: 225/300 DAI
Rewarded contributors: Harpers#3490

Reason for this Bounty

Some newcomers and user not so experimented with the blockchain might need some guidance through all the steps they have to go through in order to complete a swap in the Bazaar. We want to provide them an easy to follow video tutorial guide that they can rely on the first time connecting to the Bazaar

Bounty goals

  • To create a Tutorial Video for a journey in the Bazaar (create and execute a trade)

Skill Requirements


Bounty Challenges

  • Create a video of yourself and your browser going through a trade in the Bazaar:
    • Make a brief intro about the Bazaar
    • Create a trade with any assets from a project you like
    • Execute the trade
    • Display the newly swapped assets within your wallet
  • Provide a clear explanation about everything you're doing
We're looking for videos in the following languages:
75 $DAI
75 $DAI
75 $DAI
75 $DAI

How to complete this bounty

  • Create your work locally and export it to MP4 format
  • Post design to a google drive folder and submit "editable" folder link to submission form:
  • Submit your video to Marketers #Submit section of our Discord
  • Approved work will be published on our Youtube page
  • 75 $DAI reward for approved works will be sent during the last Friday's of the month after approval.

Approval requirements

  • Your work is submitted before deadline
  • Video is no longer than 5 minutes.
  • Your content has no imprecisions
  • Your content is original and created by you
  • Your content covers the talking points described in the Bounty Challenges topic and explains them perfectly

Reward details

  • 75 $DAI reward per approved work
  • Only 1 video per language will be approved
  • Reward sent on the last Friday of the month after the one your work is merged with the Master branch