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Build a User Tx. History table

Reward: 100 DAI
Rewarded contributors: @io#0768

Reason for this Bounty

Bazaar users need to have easy access to their history and query past transactions in order to make sure trades were completed, rejected or never went through.

Bounty goals

  • Create a User Transaction History Table in the Trade Centre page

Skill Requirements

Vue Javascript CSS

Bounty Challenges

  • This is data that needs to be displayed:
Transaction hash
Creator Wallet
Project/ Asset
Executor wallet
Aavegotchi / item #109
SFL / gnome
*Add an icon and link to Polygon scan's transaction Hash (only in Completed transaction)

How to complete this bounty

  • Access Bazaar's website repo in our Github
  • Fork the repo and copy the test branch to your local host
  • Access file store/index.js
  • Change method getLatestBlockInfo to fetch all events from Bazaar's Mumbai smart contract
  • Within folder store access file bazaar-connector.js
  • Change method getTradeInfo - In line 178 change variable in order to store and return the transaction hash
  • within components/history/table.vue add column with the transaction hash URL
  • Crate a Pull request once you complete the work
  • Submit completed github pull request link into a google doc, copy editable doc link and fill into submission form
  • Verify your entry in our Discord to receive the reward
  • You will be notified if request is approved and merged with the Master branch.

Approval requirements

  • Table provides all the data specified in the Bounty Challenges topic
  • Table design matches current website UI
  • Pull request is made before 11.59PM (UTC) of deadline's day
  • Pull request is approved by core team and merged with the Master branch

Reward details

  • 100 DAI
  • 1 pull request approved and rewarded only
  • Reward sent on the last Friday of the month after the one your work is merged with the Master branch

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