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Create and Complete your first trade at the Bazaar

Deadline: Complete
Reward: 1,000 W3B<>Aavegotchi Raffle tickets

Reason for this Bounty

We want everybody in Polygon community to know the Bazaar is live and ready to support their P2P trades for the most relevant assets within the network. We want to incentivise our community members to bring a fren by doing a trade with them

Bounty goals

  • Complete your first trade at the Bazaar

Skill Requirements


Bounty Challenges

  • Create and Complete your first trade at the Bazaar

How to complete this bounty

  • Create a trade between you and a friend in the Bazaar with whatever assets you want
  • Make sure the counter-party completes the trade
  • Join our Discord
  • Post the link to your trade transaction into a google doc.
  • Provide your Discord ID, editable doc link and Polygon wallet address to submission form: (you may include screenshots)
  • You will be notified once transactions and user are verified by core team

Approval requirements

  • Complete a trade with another user
  • It must be the first trade ever made by the creator

Reward details

  • 1 Gold Raffle Ticket per new user
  • Tickets airdropped on September 9th

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