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Create promotion banner for the W3B - Aavegotchi giveaway

Reward: 50 DAI
Rewarded contributors: @Evgen.eth#3080

Reason for this bounty

As you may have read in out most recently published article, we launched a collaboration with Aavegotchi DAO today. We have decided to give our contributors a chance to participate by creating a unique banner that we intend to use in official announcements of this collaboration and in our Opensea Collection.

Skill Requirements

Graphic Design

Bounty goals

How to complete this bounty

  • Create your work locally and export it to PNG and JPEG formats
  • Post design to a google drive folder and submit "editable" folder link to submission form:
  • Share your work in the Artists section of our Discord to gather feedback

Approval requirements

  • Your work is submitted before deadline
  • Art is unique
  • Must be Web3 Bazaar VS Aavegotchi themed
  • Art must fall in line with current Bazaar's branding (Pixel art preferred)

Reward details

  • 50 $DAI
  • Reward sent in the last Friday of the month after the one your counter-party wallet was verified