Tweet about the Bazaar

Reward: 1 DAI per tweet

Reason for this Bounty

We want everybody in Polygon community to know the Bazaar is live and ready to support their P2P trades for the most relevant assets within the network and to hear it from their friend's mouths in their own words

Bounty goals

  • Spreading the word and getting new followers for our Twitter page

Skill Requirements


Bounty Challenges

  • Post a Tweet talking about the Bazaar, what we bring to the blockchain and web3 and how people should be doing their P2P trades with us.

How to complete this bounty

  • Post a maximum of 5 tweets daily
  • Compile tweet links to a google doc file
  • Submit the editable doc link to submission form:​
  • Lastly, post tweet links in the #
    submit-work channel under Contributors Lounge section in our Discord
  • You will be notified once your post is verified by core team.

Approval requirements

  • Post tags @Web3Bazaar
  • Post must be made as reply to twitter influencer or product post related to blockchain NFT gaming (preferably in ERC or Polygon chain)
  • Post contains original and informative content
  • Post has no typos or technical imprecisions about the Bazaar
  • Post is not spammy (make your natural words)
  • Post has 5+ retweets
  • Post is not a retweet and contains appropriate hashtags (#web3, #p2p)

Reward details

  • 1 DAI per tweet
  • Max of 5 tweets per person

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