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Reward: 150 DAI
Rewarded contributors: Jakarta#3866, Harpers#3490

Reason for this Bounty

We're already shilling on Twitter, now it's time to create quality content about Web3 Bazaar's unique value propositions. We need to highlight the importance of a tool such as ours and in what ways it can support Web3 P2P traders.

Bounty goals

  • Publish a Medium post highlighting Bazaar's value propositions.

Skill Requirements


Bounty Challenges

Below are some narrative focus and value propositions we would like to be highlighted. One article per topic will be rewarded:
The rise of P2P trades - 50$DAI
  • Why P2P trades are on the rise (we have a rising nr. of assets without liquisity pools)
  • What are the current issues with P2P trading
  • How the Bazaar addresses those issues
P2P trades in the NFT gaming industry - 50$DAI
  • The rise of P2P trades with many assets within
  • the rise of scams within these groups
  • how this fear limits the potential of growth for these projects
P2P trades for DeFi - 50$DAI
  • geographic limitations to access to P2P tools
  • why a permissionless P2P exchange such as the Bazaar is important for those geographies

How to complete this bounty

  • Create your work locally and export it to PDF and Google Docx formats
  • Copy "editable" docx link and submit to submission form:
  • Submit link to your work in the Marketers section of our Discord
  • Approved work will be published on our Medium page

Approval requirements

  • Your work is submitted before deadline
  • Your content has no typos or imprecisions
  • Your content is original and created by you
  • Your content covers the talking points described in the Bounty Challenges topic and highlights them perfectly

Reward details

  • 50 $DAI reward for approved works will be sent during the last Friday's of the month after approval.
  • Only 1 work per topic will be approved
  • Reward sent on the last Friday of the month after the one your work is merged with the Master branch