Bounty program

🤹‍♀️ Welcome Contributors!
As an open source project we invite everyone to participate and leave their mark in the Bazaar. Know how to code? how write, draw, talk or how to juggle? Awesome, there's plenty of opportunities for you to join
The Bounty program aims to incentivise the community to become active builders of the Bazaar and to collect a fair share for the work done. We allocate 40% of our treasury to this program and distribute the bounties amongst categories organised by skillsets

Bounty categories

Anyone can join and complete a challenge without any significant experience or background in a certain field.
From frontend and backend to UX/UI and Blockchain development. If your life is about coding or bringing neat digital products to life, this is the place for you.
Brand design, graphic design, video and music production. The Bazaar is part of a full gaming experience, so no element can be left uncared for
Marketer Bounties
Think you got what it takes to bring in new communities and shill this project to other traders? We've got a lot of plans to share with you.

Enter a Bounty

All you need is your laptop, to join our Discord and to navigate this website. It couldn't be easier to go from newcomer into a rewarded contributor in the Web3 Bazaar.
1. Find a Bounty
Join our Discord and pick up a Contributor role. Every new bounty is announced in our server as soon as it comes out.
Learn all the details such as deadlines, requirements, guidelines to submit your work and reward amount of every bounty within the tickets posted here in the Active Bounties section
2. Submit your work
Bounties might have different dynamics and ways for contributors to submit their work. While most product related bounties require forking our repos and doing a pull request for later merge with the Bazaar website, Marketers and Artists have other Bazaar channels to explore and have a dedicated form to upload their work and info.
3. Get your work approved
Rewarded contributions are all those that are publicly approved and which work has been used within the Bazaar official channels
After work is completed by a contributor it needs to be approved and deployed in the Bazaar website or official channels. Approval processes are described in the bounty tickets and are undertaken publicly every time.
Depending on the type of bounties, there might be two different methods of approval:
  • Community voting - Some major updates in the Bazaar require a broader community involvement and participation in the decision process. Votings are announced and cast within our Discord and published later in our blog.
  • Core team approval - Some minor updates or quick fixes need faster deployment processes. For these type of bounties, only an approval from core team members is required
Not all work submitted can be approved. It can be rejected due to flaws, bugs and other mistakes that can't be pushed to main channels. Sometimes there might be competitive bounties, where contributors compete agains each others' work.
4. Collect rewards
We verify wallet ownership to make sure the rewards are not sent to the wrong person
You'll be notified once your work is approved and funds are ready to be sent to your wallet. In order to collect the reward you'll need to prove the ownership of the wallet you'll be receiving the funds in.
The wallet verification occurs fully within our Discord server with the support of a bot to link the ownership of your Discord account and crypto wallet.

Reward transactions

Every last Friday of the month we distribute the rewards from bounties completed in the previous month. All rewards are documented in this page