How to use the Bazaar

The Main Square

From the Main Square you can access every feature of the Bazaar - Create , Execute or Cancel a trade
The main Square is where you land every time you connect your wallet to the Bazaar from the main page. Here you'll have a quick overview of the status of the trades you or your counter-parties created.

Create a trade

Once you have agreed terms with someone on an external channel you can create a new trade that will be written in the Bazaar smart contract and targeted for your counter-party.
On the Main Square, click New trade to access the Trade Center.

1.Create a trade in the smart contract:

Once inside the Trade Center, you'll see two boxes with the trade terms waiting to be filled by you. Provide both sides of the trade terms' to create a new trade in the smart contract. The boxes will only display assets available within both parties' wallets and the only thing you'll need to do is to click on the intended ones and select the desired amounts.

Your assets:

The assets you'll be sending to the counter-party.
Contract address
The owner smart contract of the assets
DAI (0X8..Jh0)
Asset type
ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, native.
The specific NFT from the project
Nr. of units of the asset are you depositing
100 DAI

Counterparty assets:

The assets you'll be receiving from the counter-party.
contract address
The root smart contract of the asset
SFL collectibles (0X8..J6)
Asset type
ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, native.
The specific NFT from the project
Nr. of units of the asset you expect to receive
Wallet address
To lock-up the trade for your counter-party

2.write the trade terms on the blockchain

If transactions are pending you can speed up or cancel them.
After providing all terms its' time to submit it into the blockchain . The submission involves two steps and each of them will require you to pay network fees:
  • Approve Contracts: This action grants permission to the Bazaar contract to swap a token you own from its' contract. You only need to do it the first time you ever trade an asset in the Bazaar.
  • Create Trade: This action will trigger the smart contract validation process and it will query your wallet to verify the ownership of assets and the amount available. Once verified, that information is written in the contract alongside the intended counter-party items.
Once the trade is created, it becomes available in both your and your counter-party's Main Square page. You can always Cancela trade until the counter-party Executesit on their end.

Execute a trade

Before a trade gets executed the smart contract validates if both parties hold the assets provided in the terms and only then ir proceeds to swaps them.
When someone Creates Trade targeting your wallet and assets as counter-party, it immediately becomes available in your Main Square page.
  • Click theExecute button to swap assets or
  • Cancelit to reject the trade.
  • You might have to Approve Contracts before executing the trade (in case it is the first time they are being swapped in the Bazaar).

Cancel a trade

Trades can be canceled by Trade Creators and Counter-parties from the Main Square:
  • Trade Creators can Cancel a trade from the moment it is created until the counter-party executes it successfully.
  • Counter-parties canCancel a trade targeted for them, making it non-executable and removing it from their Main Square dashboard.

Bazaar fees

We don't charge fees or any value to Bazaar users. We try to keep the project funded and the team committed to it exclusively through donations, grants or marketing initiatives.