Our treasury is fully funded by donations, grants and marketing initiatives
As an open source project, we keep our treasury publicly auditable and we provide full transparency about how we are allocating the funds. Most of them are used towards our Bounty Program that ensures the Bazaar is built and maintained by the best of the best. Here you can learn all about our wallets (and audit their transactions), how we manage the treasury and how funds are allocated.

Treasury Management

Treasury wallets

We manage our treasury in multi-sig wallets hosted on the networks the Bazaar is operating in. All transactions have a rule of approval of 2/3 signatures of the 3 co-founders.
Treasury address


Accounting is done every last Friday of the Month. On this day we:
  • Process montlhy income
  • Process payments respective to the previous month
  • Allocate the right share of the monthly income to the following month activities according to the Use of Funds (described below)

Use of funds