Verified assets

Assets that are verified display a checkmark within the Bazaar website and are always displayed above all others with the same name.
Bazaar uses Moralis SDKs to query and display the assets owned by wallet addresses provided in trade terms. This greatly improves UX since there is no need to manually input contract addresses and asset IDs of both parties.
However and even though Moralis is an awesome tool it doesn't do anything to avoid impersonators from pretending to be swapping a real token instead of another from their own copy-cat contract.
The Bazaar is and will always be fully permission-less, uncensored and we have no business in saying which assets can or can not be traded by anyone. Nonetheless what we also don't want is to have someone being scammed thinking they were swapping their precious NFTs for a a load of fake ones or fake ETH. That's why we created a Verified Checkmark for trusted assets.
Anyone can request a project or asset verification by filling in the form in the repo below. The team and community will review it and accept or reject the application. The whole process and feedback is open and occurs fully within our Github: